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Lessons I Provide

I provide a variety of lesson types from personalised one-on-one lessons to composition and recording lessons. No mater what type of lesson the student is having an individual personalised approach is taken for each. They will receive homework tasks or focus points each week as well. All lessons are available on a weekly or casual basis. Performance students will have the opportunity throughout the year to showcase their work and composition students will have an opportunity at our studio concerts to showcase their work and possibly put their compositions into competitions. A student package with all the details will be emailed to you when you enquire.

$5 Travel Fee Applies

Sheet music on music stand

One-on-One Lessons

These lessons are the most beneficial for students as it allows them to develop at their own pace and focus on specific areas they struggle in. In these lessons we explore music theory concepts and playing techniques while learning all styles of music. In these lessons I am also able to assist students in their school or band music. Students will have the opportunity to record their work as well if they would like. These can be weekly or casual lessons.

$30 for half an hour, $60 for an hour


Group Lessons


Group lessons are available for all ages an abilities, like the one on one lessons students will learn instrument techniques along side a higher focus on ensemble techniques. This groups will comprise of just flute students, and will be personalised for each individual student and group.

$15 pp for half an hour, $30 pp for an hour

Composing Music

Theory Lessons

Theory lessons are also available, just like the group lessons these don't have to be weekly but can occur casually. These lessons are great for students who may need a little extra help in their music course in school or an eager student wanting to dive right into music theory. In these lesson students will purely be focusing on music theory right from beginner to advanced, they also have the opportunity to explore composition in these lessons. 

I achieved a Band 6 in Music 1 HSC in 2019. These lessons are available both weekly or casual.

$30 for half an hour, $60 for an hour 

Image by Will Francis

Composition Lessons

If your student would love to write their own songs I would love to help them along the way. In these lessons they will learn about the theoretical side to composition. They will also have the opportunity to use my recording equipment and software to record their songs. I will teach them how to do all of this and will also teach them how to mix/produce their composition. Students don't have to play the flute to do this, they could sing our play whatever instrument they would like.

$30 for half an hour, $60 for an hour

Lessons Available: Services

NEW Small Ensemble Classes - Fortnightly


These classes are designed to enhance students ensemble skills, musicality and listening skills. The focus is on the skills needed to play in ensembles rather than learning the instrument hence the requirement of prior experience.

Students will learn fundamental skills such as tuning and intonation, dynamics, rhythm, arranging, music analysis and balance all while having fun!

$15 pp for 45 mins

Lessons Available: Lessons
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