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Online Tuition

I am offering online tuition to anyone who would like it, whether you are in Australia or not. This videos outlines the online process and gives a little snippet into my little set up for lessons. I came up with the idea to continue to provide online lessons after how successful it went during Covid restrictions.

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Common Tutoring Queries

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Do you provide group lessons?

Yes! group lessons are available for all ages and abilities, check out the lessons available page to see everything I offer

How do you charge for your teaching services?

I accept both cash and credit. I accept week to week payments or you may pay for multiple weeks at a time, it is up to the individuals preference.

Where do you hold your teaching sessions?

I am based out of my location in Swansea NSW but I do sometimes travel to students depending on the situation

Do you provide online lessons?

Yes! I provide online lessons through zoom to anyone who would like one. Each of my students have the choice of online or face-to-face lessons.

Do I have to attend weekly lessons?

The short answer is no you don't have to have weekly lessons, you could do them fortnightly or really whenever suits you. Weekly lessons are recommended for young students as it really assists in their vital development while keeping them accountable.

Some insight into how to properly and carefully clean your flute, as well as a tip on how to disinfect your flute. 

Keeping your flute clean

  • stops it from tarnishing

  • removes oils and dust from the outside

  • avoids key jamming and possible bacteria growth.

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